About the Ausbildung Programm in Germany

Ausbildung (Vocational Training Programm) is specially for foreign Students, Any European and Non - European student can apply for the same. It is specially made for those, who wants to learn a profession according to German standards and can earn a handsome salary.

Ausbildung in Germany and Austria are state-controlled! In Germany, companies train their blue collar workers traditionally with vocational training programs. In German language the term is called ‘Ausbildung’, ‘Berufsausbildung’ or ‘Duale Berufsausbildung’,, Dual Program. An English synonym is ‘apprenticeship in different fields’. Normally the duration of Ausbildung is three including study and work. Unlike in other countries, a German Berufsausbildung is highly formalized: Curricula and exams are nationwide standardized for more than 350 professions. Participants learn as well at specialized vocational schools as in the employing company. From the employing company students get a monthly salary during their studies, so that they don’t need extra money for their livelihood.

Foreigners from all countries are eligible to apply for a Ausbildung Position in Germany. The optimal age for Ausbildung in Germany is up to 30 years, mostly between 18 and 28 years. However one might apply even with higher ages. Especially in the nursing training higher ages are more often to be found. Nursing is highly in demand in European countries, more than 50000 nurses are required only in Germany.

Any foreigner student who has German on level B1 at least, Preferably B2 Level and having finished 12 years school education.